about me
I love my dogs blue eyes, watching my husband play with our boys, the sound of my children laughing, reading books that inspire me to get off my bottom and go after my dreams, being in the presence of good people, a glass of wine while preparing dinner & the textures you find in nature.

I used to pride myself on living what i considered to be an adventurous life, traveling around the world, going on an African Safari on my own, getting scuba certified in Honduras, living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (where I happened to pick up my husband), buying a fixer upper which turned out to be more than we could handle (lived an entire Maine winter with NO heat). Since having children i find my happiness and adventures making forts under blankets, throwing rocks into the lake, finding new hiding spots each evening when Daddy pulls into the driveway. My life as Mama to my boys Gavin & Cole is proving to be by far the best of life yet.

When photographing I am looking for those moments that might be missed or forgotten but if captured in a timeless light will be forever a treasure. Nothing makes me happier then seeing the expression on someones face after showing them a photo of themselves or a loved one and knowing i captured exactly what they were hoping for.